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lkp3“What beautiful, important work. You are a star! Using your own crucible experience to help others emerge as well.” 

                                                                               – Linda Kavelin-Popov, Co-Founder, The Virtues Project, Author of Graceful Endings, The Family Virtues Guide, Sacred Moments, and A Pace of Grace  


Shame into Joy Offerings

by Claudia Gold, M.S., M.P.H., C.M.T.   Expressive Arts Teacher, College Teacher, Clinical Social Worker, Consultant, with Background as Kundalini Yoga Teacher 

Welcome to Shame Into Joy

Welcome to Shame Into Joy

Forthcoming EBooks, ECourses, and Teleseminars

*Thanks for taking the time to visit. I am in the process of working on the ebooks. If any call to you let me know and you will inspire me to complete them sooner  I hope one or more will be illumining for you.  Ecourses, private coaching, and workshops are available on all topics listed.  Audio of the Lighten Up Shame Teleseminar Series is available and workshops on this topic as well.   I also do healing integration retreats for people going through major life transitions who need a big dose of healing, release and re-framing, using body-work, expressive arts, and spiritual companioning. For all inquiries, write Claudia Gold at

 The Imperfect Family Holiday

Some of the chapters:

Chapter 1:  The Imperfect Family and the Horrible and Wonderful Holiday Celebrations

Chapter  2:   Appreciating Each Other, Warts and All

Chapter 3:    Stretchy Love: Loving the Imperfect in Ourselves, and in Others

Chapter 4:  The Imperfect Family as Guru Mishpacha-ji

Chapter  5:  Choosing YES or NO: To Life and To Our Families


Royal You-ness:  Remembering Your Gifts Despite Dumps, Depressions and Failures

Helpful to read during moments of depression or discombobulation. I want to share with you the Royal Jewels in the crown of Royal You-ness and they are Shame Release, Accepting the Flaws of Others, Taking Personal Responsibility for Filling our Cups and the Diamond in the Middle ~ Permission to Say Good-Bye to That Which is Not YOU in the NOW.  Book is illustrated with old wood-cut engravings and hand-written in simple calligraphy.

The heartfelt emotions, clarity of voice and enlightening words of Claudia Gold’s book touched my heart with her delightful use of word touchstones. I could imagine each topic she spoke on becoming a jewel in a crown and to be worn proudly. I look forward to seeing what new treasure, by way of insights, Claudia will dig up and share next.                                                                      ~ Rin Meyer


A way to get to seeing your truest passions, for weaving them into your career and/or hobby. Recommended for children, teens, and new entrepreneurs.

“You Are Not Your Mother” and Other Messages for Letting Go of Shame and Conformity

This ebook, including the story of a voyage the author went on of transforming past secrets into joy, includes tools for how to make friends with “The Beast” of Shame, and, dancing with it, come into your Beauty Self. This book is hand written in simple calligraphy. $3.99

Bandages for the Soul

This is a whimsical expressive arts book for tenderly bandaging, literally and figuratively, past emotional, physical and psychological wounds.  It gives you examples for making creative bandages that give nurturing, individualized for you, that serve as triggers for self-compassion.

What If Shame

What if Shame is a poem of compassion, understanding and shedding the illusion of past shame projections onto you.



Five Ways to Love Your Body While You’re Losing Weight

Three videos and three audios, including an interview with a specialist on the art of food Sue Ann Gleason of “Chocolate for Breakfast”, re-framing the way you look at food, our bodies, and exercise, an interview with Greta Hassel, MFT, an intimacy and sex specialist, with transforming, practical tips for day to day communication in relationship, and an audio by Claudia Gold for creating a loving dialogue with your body and reducing sabotage. $29


Wisdom for Walking Through the Room of a Thousand Demons:  Caregiving for a Loved One with Cancer

Tips are given for what to do first, second, third, fourth et cetera after a diagnosis and before you go crazy.  Info will also be shared about navigating hospitalizations, from personal and professional experience (was social worker in hospital for 20 years, trained at Columbia) and prevent you from making mistakes and falling into cracks that the author experienced, through which she learned some key strategies that made all the difference for her state of mind. 1.99 Series of audios also available.

The Color Coded Purse: What to Pack Physically, Emotionally and Spiritually When Your Honey is Hospitalized

Tips from personal and professional experience (20 years as a medical social worker) for grounding and keeping in a balanced mental state when your loved one is hospitalized.

How to Let Go of Guilt When Your Honey Dies

Guilt can circulate over and over and make a grieving partner feel scattered, bad, and obsessive. This book will give you an exercise you can use anytime in your life you want and need to let go of guilt, especially now, when your honey has died.

Bereavement Cafe: An Expressive Arts Journal

Exercises are given for creative expression exercisesthat heal, comfort, reduce guilt, and weave together inner and outer feelings.  Creative journaling, poetry, soul-craft jewelry, and other expressive arts exercises are given for processing and healing. Book is hand-written.

E Courses Available on All the Above!

About Accessing Joy:


Teleseminar – Lighten Up Shame Luau

     The “Lighten Up Shame Luau” has four audio lessons sharing shame-mindfulness and other experiential practices and providing subconscious psyche updates. Each of the four weeks will be unlocking cuffs so you can stretch into new possibilities and acceptance of the inimitable choreography that is you, and dance, and dance and dance again (literally and figuratively) with new and more gracious and bold steps. 

    In this course you gently, creatively, (and humorously at times) dive into old, harnessing beliefs about who you are, beliefs that thousands and thousands of people unfortunately have.  Each week you will lift the illusion off of one yucky type of shame message that no one would look at if they didn’t have to for this seminar. The often subconscious, or muted messages you will burst include:

Week 1: “You are flawed now, you are flawed forever,” (based on the “Old Shoe Theory” that we are supposed to stay the same forever, right? It’s time for new shoes!)

Week 2: “Your looks are flawed now and will be forever flawed.” (Oh that’s a fun one). (Can busting this one save us time getting dressed in the morning?)

Week 3:  “You are a failure in your role as a (fill in the blanks, mother, employee, sexual partner, person of faith, woman, man, sister, aunt, grandmother, God-mother….).” (There are so many things to be a failure at!)

Weeks 4: “Others will always disapprove of you. God will disapprove of you.” We’ll turn that one inside out. (Who invented that God?)

     As the old fears about who you could be let go, and you re-frame yourself naturally, stones in the damn shame are removed, and your innate joy is set free (and you will be wild and crazy) as the beauty of your thrill to be alive and able to express releases, like when stones are taken out of a dam, and the water of the stream flows. This not only feels great but impels you to want to discover more of who you are, and your courage bubbles up and out to start expressing in the world your dreams and callings to be of service. You might sing or write a poem, after a good cry (I make up songs to sing to my chihuahua). And then do it all over again.  You may find shame is a long lost friend you can invite for a latte, or even a dark Goddess, who is just waiting for a good massage. You might pursue a passion of service whether a business or hobby or volunteer position.

     The experience you have of the course material, and the momentum of change, are, f i n a l l y a computer update for your subconscious and unconscious, for your inner sense of who you are and what you can become.  (Air that sucker out). This is a natural process from within, not something you are taught or programmed into. The course just helps clear out debris to excavate the mine of your true gems.  We will also discuss ways of tapping and reinforcing joy and play.

     This program gives you four audios that you can keep and listen to over and over, for tools and reminders.  The original price was $ 300.  It is being offered for the first time in audio version for $89.  Lighten Up Shame Luau in-person workshops are also available upon request.

“Claudia gently invited us to play outside of our individual personal judgment zone while ushering us onto an island of self-discovery…As the call came to a close I felt peace surround me like a pink bubble of love and light… I felt viable, valuable and most importantly I felt that I was enough.

“Claudia taught me something priceless that day, no matter what we think or believe we are, perception is the key that will set us free. If I perceive my flaws to be unacceptable then that is what they become, if I perceive my flaws to be beautiful and natural then that is what they are. I ultimately hold the key…In the first session we talked about flaws and how they are Flo’s: Flaws are Learning Opportunities. To gentle learning opportunities today, ones that bring smiles and laughs.”   – Erika Wilmore

“I have…re-framed my personal definitions of my shame events. You really helped me strip away some of the sh** and get to a more simple definition which makes everything more approachable.

“It was UBER real…I spent the most amazing hour being transformed!!”  

                                                                –  Mickey Barrett


Four Lighten Up Shame Series Audios

     The cost is $299 for the audios with a 45 minute live coaching sessions after each audio session, a $550 value. A bonus gift of the ebooks “What If Shame” and “Royal You-Ness” come with this program.

[wp_cart:price:299:end] Lighten Up Shame Audios with Four Live Coaching Sessions

I’m not exactly sure what has changed in the relationship with my mom since our work together but I do believe the exercises we engaged in side by side did indeed inspire and initiate a healing energy on a level that I am not in control of – call it Divine   

You bring crisp morning light to the venue which enables a tweak in my consciousness and awakens me to a new perspective-like the song of a bird I’ve not heard before but catches my attention in all of its beauty and splendor.  The rippling of this awakening is subtle, ethereal and I’m changed, more peaceful and I dare to dance with a little more confidence and joy.  Thank your for your honesty and courage in speaking truth.                          

                                                                – Wendy Mather


Exercises and a guided Jungian visualization for discovering and prioritizing your truest passions, in order to weave them into your career and/or hobby. Recommended for children, teens, and new entrepreneurs. Group or individual live coaching sessions available by skype/phone.

Shame Mindfulness

Teaches an effective meditation practice for catching shame messages early, before they build into stories about yourself.  Audio $12

Live Coaching by Phone, Skype, or In-Person

* If you want dead coaching I can refer you to a couple of mediums I’ve met on facebook…

“Shame into Joy” sessions involve deep listening and companioning you in finding a shame message (a limiting belief) that is repeating in your life, and re-framing it in a meaningful and positive way. Using strength-based focus and practices of the Virtues Project, it unlocks the past mental and emotional hand-cuffs and, tapping your wisdom, unleashes express creative and vocational gifts that have previously been in hiding, eager to be set free.

“Joy-Streams” exercises give surprising information about joys and passions you have left behind that you can weave into your service or business. A form of vocational counseling, it includes tools that trick you into getting to the heart of what is most essential to you, and will add deep joy and satisfaction into your career or hobby.

To arrange a “Shame into Joy” or “Joy-Streams” coaching session, please call (310)707-6306 or write Claudia Gold at with “Coaching” in the subject line. Sessions are $90/hr, or $159 for two hours (with some partial scholarships available, and pay what you can afford for a good sob story, or one I can empathize with). A season of coaching is also available for weekly sessions for the season of fall (Introductory Special rate of $999), and there is an application process for this program.

“I do have to say our session we had several months ago was critical to the success of my journey , I had felt very confident in myself but still had a few things holding me back and we focused on one thing in our session but it actually carried over into so much more where I think so differently. Was critical to my weight loss journey and to move forward in my business adventures . I wanted you to know the profound effect it had on my life and I am most grateful.”  -Maria Ann Martin,, The VIP Journey

One hour coaching session

Two-hour coaching session

Season of coaching

Retreats for Royal You-ness

These retreats are for people going through major life stressors and transitions. One-of-a-kind sessions are built from the following menu as part of a half day or day-long retreat in your home or at a lovely hotel or spa location, for yourself or as a gift to a “special” loved one: 

* Shame into Joy Coaching Session

* Expressive Arts Training, Practice and Witnessing

* Joy Streams Session

* Healing Bodywork – foot massage, OR head, neck, shoulder, back and foot massage, OR massage with polarity therapy and cranio-sacral therapy.

Claudia Gold is a certified massage therapist who has worked doing bodywork in a chiropractic office, up-scale tennis and racquet club, in senior communities, and a healing collective. She has hands of Gold. (OK, her name is Gold. But her cousin Karen says she has the hands of a Goddess). She also has been a psychotherapist for 20 years, has studied with leaders in the field of Expressive Arts, has an MSW and MPH from Columbia University, is trained as a teacher of kundalini yoga, and brings all this experience “to the table”,

Contact 310.707.6306 to arrange a Royal You-Ness Retreat.

  Half-day $197 (Introductory Special)

Full-day $379 (Introductory Special)

*Professional and family caregivers receive extra surprise gifts

Contact Claudia Gold for a 20 minute discovery session discussing the programs or products described above, by emailing or with Discovery in the Subject Line


“I was very moved by the discussion of “shame” and reflected in my own life… Your journey led you to being able to “name” and put words to feelings that others struggle with; instead of continuing to retreat inward with the heaviness that shame brings to your heart and mind, you opened up and embraced those feelings, learned from them, and are now teaching others. I admire the courage that it takes to do that, and believe it is the greatest service we have to offer the world… our whole selves, vulnerable, open, willing to share. Bravo, Claudia!”                                                                        –   Martine Hubbard, Artist, Helping People with Health and Wealth 

Kathleen Prophet“So wonderfull to see you out here! with your wisdom… truly a scintillating rainbow of shimmering colors and movement! ..Sheer creative joy is emerging from you, Claudia! Continue to express your exquisite authentic art… in service to the sacred heart.”

            – Kathleen Prophet, Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius 

*To purchase any of the above products, email Claudia at


Detailed Bio:  Claudia Gold, trained at Columbia University, has 20 years experience counseling families and children in medical centers including Long Beach Memorial and Children’s Hospital of L.A., assisting clients with HIV, premature babies, brain tumors, illness, sexual violence, domestic violence, substance abuse, trauma, etc.   She was responsible for facilitating all the stress management classes for Kaiser Permanente Lifestyle Management Program, Orange County, and for teaching Centering in the Sacred and Mining Your Inner Gems in the Workplace.and other staff and community development classes at Little Company of Mary and at health organizations throughout Southern California.

Influences on her have been being a mother, a kundalini yoga teacher and certified massage therapist, and student of “Love” author Leo Buscaglia, Five Rhythms dance and Expressive Arts, and a facilitator of the Virtues Project  She has taught 30 college classes in subjects including “Working with Groups,” “Life-Long Learning and Professional Development,” and “Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Human Services.” She is currently giving workshops and coaching in Shame into Joy, a company she founded, and teaches “Body Blessing” classes.


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