Lighten Up Shame Luau

Welcome to you, to your unique and spiritual qualities, and to any shame hiding in the shadows! You are welcome here… Here are my offerings for gently stepping into, and out of, the so subtle, uncomfortable, (why are we even doing this?), realm of shame messages, (oh yeah) in order to uncover your natural joy, or a bit more of it. (Rome was not built in a day.)

It’s about self-acceptance, not self-improvement. It’s not about changing into something else, but instead becoming the person God made me to be. It’s about recovering the person I am.” (Thank you, Anonymous) 


(This has your name on it:)                                                               


A live teleseminar series “Lighten Up Shame Luau” with four, live, weekly group lessons and experiential practices is offered through Shame Into Joy.   Each week the teleseminar will be unlocking cuffs off your hands, feet, (and… use your imagination), so you can stretch into new possibilities and acceptance of the inimitable choreography that is you, and dance, and dance and dance again (literally and figuratively).  

    In this course s we will gently, creatively, (and humorously at times) dive into old, harnessing beliefs about who you are, beliefs that thousands and thousands of people unfortunately have.  Each week we will lift the illusion off of one yucky type of shame message that no one would look at if they didn’t have to for this seminar. The often subconscious, or muted messages that we will burst include:

Week 1: “You are flawed now, you are flawed forever,” (based on the “Old Shoe Theory” that we are supposed to stay the same forever, right? It’s time for new shoes!)

Week 2: “Your looks are flawed now and will be forever flawed.” (Oh that’s a fun one). (Can busting this one save us time getting dressed in the morning?)

Week 3:  “You are a failure in your role as a (fill in the blanks, mother, employee, sexual partner, person of faith, woman, man, sister, aunt, grandmother, God-mother….).” (There are so many things to be a failure at!)

Weeks 4: “Others will always disapprove of you. God will disapprove of you.” We’ll turn that one inside out. (Who invented that God?)

     As the old fears about who you could be let go, and you re-frame yourself naturally, stones in the damn shame are removed, and your innate joy is set free (and you will be wild and crazy) as the beauty of your thrill to be alive and able to express releases, like when stones are taken out of a dam, and the water of the stream flows. This not only feels great but impels you to want to discover more of who you are, and your courage bubbles up and out to start expressing in the world your dreams and callings to be of service. You might sing or write a poem, after a good cry. (I make up songs to sing to my chihuahua). And then do it all over again.  You may find shame is a long lost friend you can invite for a latte, or even a dark Goddess, who is just waiting for a good massage.

     The experience you have of the course material, and the momentum of change, are, f i n a l l y a computer update for your subconscious and unconscious, for your inner sense of who you are and what you can become.  (Air that sucker out). This is a natural process from within, not something you are taught or programmed into. The course just helps clear out debris to excavate the mine of your true gems.  We will also discuss ways of tapping and reinforcing joy and play.

     This live program, valued at $399 will be offered at an Introductory Special of $150 (my black, long-haired chihuahua is out of kibble.  She is scratching with her little black paws on my thigh),  The “Ruby” program costs $75,000 for those of you who would like to talk with me one-on-one weekly for the remainder of your lives.  The four audios of the program are being offered now for $59.

For questions email:  Claudia is in recovery, so will do the best she can. She is only human. She is recovering from bad job juju, 20 years of working in hospitals, grading papers of college students, perpetual paper piles, yoga addiction, and codependency with her chihuahua.

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lkp3“What beautiful, important work. You are a star! Using your own crucible experience to help others emerge as well.” 

   – Linda Kavelin-Popov, Co-Founder, The Virtues Project    (thanks, Linda! You are a treasure giving generously of itself)

“I do have to say our session we had several months ago was critical to the success of my journey , I had felt very confident in myself but still had a few things holding me back and we focused on one thing in our session but it actually carried over into so much more where I think so differently. Was critical to my weight loss journey and to move forward in my business adventures . I wanted you to know the profound effect it had on my life and I am most grateful.”  -Maria Ann Martin,, The VIP Journey (thanks, Maria, you are courageous!)

The work Claudia does transforms at a very deep level. As I sat there listening I was captivated from beginning to end. Claudia gently invited us to play outside of our individual personal judgment zone while ushering us onto an island of self-discovery. I felt beautiful…. I felt shame free…

As the call came to a close I felt peace surround me like a pink bubble of love and light… I felt viable, valuable and most importantly I felt that I was enough. Claudia taught me something priceless that day, no matter what we think or believe we are, perception is the key that will set us free. If I perceive my flaws to be unacceptable then that is what they become, if I perceive my flaws to be beautiful and natural then that is what they are. I ultimately hold the key.

                                          – Erika Wilmore

Poodle - Cartoon 1Ruff-ruff. (Rolling over onto her back).

                   – Kate’s Poodle “Air Bubbles”   (thanks, “Air Bubbles”, you have fun fur)

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“I“I was very moved by the discussion of “shame” and reflected in my own life… Your journey led you to being able to “name” and put words to feelings that others struggle with; instead of continuing to retreat inward with the heaviness that shame brings to your heart and mind, you opened up and embraced those feelings, learned from them, and are now teaching others. I admire the courage that it takes to do that, and believe it is the greatest service we have to offer the world… our whole selves, vulnerable, open, willing to share. Bravo, Claudia!”                                                                        –   Martine Hubbard, Artist, Helping People with Health and Wealth  (thanks, Martine, for your wisdom)

Kathleen Prophet“So wonderfull to see you out here! with your wisdom… truly a scintillating rainbow of shimmering colors and movement! ..Sheer creative joy is emerging from you, Claudia! Continue to express your exquisite authentic art… in service to the sacred heart.”

– Kathleen Prophet, Unleash Your Sacred Wild Creative Genius (thanks, Kathleen, you are a support like no other)


Claudia Gold’s clients are all successful, authentic, enlightened, and make six-figure incomes. They include:

Long Beach Memorial Medical Center Community Education

Long Beach Memorial Nursing Units

Long Beach Memorial Social Work Department

Long Beach Memorial Partnership Council

University of Southern California Caregiving Resource Center

The Chamomile Tea Party

Little Company of Mary, Torrance, and San Pedro

Former Hippies of the Universe, Santa Cruz Delegation

Kaiser Permanente Sunset

St. Mary’s Medical Center “CARE” program

Pet ME! Partners Jealous of Partners’ Pets Meet-up, Beverly Hills

Consortium of Cal State Long Beach, USC Child Abuse Prevention Programs

South Bay Hospital

Rectal Thermometer Memories Support Group, Brooklyn

Bellwood General Hospital

Valley Presbyterian Hospital

The YMCA of San Pedro

The Los Angeles Baha’i Center

Angels Gate Cultural Center

Private clients include:

Selma ______,   Harrison _________, _________ Lion, Barack _______, (full names of celebrities not disclosed due to confidentiality), Uncle Shmuel, my next door neighbor Teresa, (OK, I paid her), Kate’s poodle, and many, many more, who, due to memory issues, are now a pleasant fog of distant memory.

* To my (almost) trusted Virtual Assistant, I hope I don’t get sued. Call my lawyer. Then delete this. No, don’t put in the list of my faults, I’m not that vulnerable yet. Check with Harrison if it’s OK to use his name, OK? and I think Barack is too busy to reach – I don’t think he’ll mind. We have a “special” relationship (he used to e-mail me). No, do not include mention of Beyonce because I can’t conceal her last name. Oh, someone signed up on the Ruby level for $75,000?! No kidding? My mother? God Bless Her. I will forgive her now. Yes, call my therapist and get me in before the 10th. Remember, delete this and everything in parentheses. Thanks, again.