Integrating Expressive Arts Exercise – A Gift that Keeps Giving

Just did the Polarities exercise about my upcoming trip to New Zealand, and it was so powerful that I want to share it with you. I went from being nervous as a reactor to feeling the magic of what I can create and co-create on the trip with my friend, with whom I have been working on “Gnomestory”, an older children’s book. Though I’m trying to limit my creative impulses and focus on the “Gnomestory” book, I am considering sharing this process in a teleseminar. Basicly, I select an issue I feel nervous or upset about and focus on drawing about that and then on the opposite of that, and then do the drawing integrating the two. Here are the … Continue reading


by Claudia Gold, ShameIntoJoy c 2016 What do you do to get through hard or stressful times? Her laughing exuberant, round Raggedy Ann face framed by curly dancing brown hair comes to me through email: She writes inviting me to share in her circle of friends on Salt Spring Island in honor of her birthday which I remember each year though I saw her perhaps 7 years ago last on that cute island. She writes that she will share what her friends from afar wrote with her in person circle. She is the sister of an ex-boyfriend and somehow our friendship has outlasted the one with her brother. This is what I write back…We can do inner selfies focusing our … Continue reading

The Question Will You Do What You Love?

An Egyptian, Australian, Belgian. German and I (from US) sitting for hours over dinner and after dinner talking about how to learn what you love and go for it.  Over tofu (? we weren’t sure what it was – maybe mixed with eggs) with lots of rice and french fries the discussion started. I noticed some veils of  judgments I had about Germans and about Egyptians – subtle ones from cultural biases and things I’d heard in the past. “What is your favorite place or weather in nature?” Nick from Germany asked. Sherie from Australia said, “A volcano!”  I said, “A mountain with wildflowers, with a stream running through it.”  Nick from Germany said, “Thunder.” Ahmad said, “When the clouds … Continue reading

Being Blessed Is…

by Claudia Gold c Blessed with Wounds, 2015 Author’s Aside: I’ve had a bunch of blessings lately from working in a hospital with children with brain injuries so a couple of these precious moments are included amongst lighter blessings                               Being Blessed Is: Having memory – any memory, long-term, short-term, medium-term, tiny-term. Laughing and confiding in an old friend from high-school, who you liked then, and you can see why! Calling the IRS, and the representative (who identifies you as number 3867051) saying that they made a mistake, you don’t owe $15,000, they apologize for any IRS stress they caused you now or at any other … Continue reading

Ten Myths About Shame: How to Transform Them to Manifest Your Juicy, Joyful, Soulful Gifts

  By Claudia Gold, of, Creator of Living Big Tele-seminars An excerpt from an upcoming book: It’s Not Your Shame I have a painful memory of a day when I was three and my sisters and I played a game called “Freeze.” The game was played by the leader saying to freeze, and all the players had to stay in the position they were in until the leader said, “Unfreeze.” This was a childhood game similar to “Simon Says” that we played where the leader said, “Simon Says put your hands on your head,” and all the kids would put their hands on their head until the leader said, “Put your hands on your head,” and whoever did was … Continue reading


“May God bless you and keep you. May the Lord shine his Face upon you and be gracious to you; May the Lord lift up His countenance on you, And give you peace.” Aaron’s Blessing, from Numbers 6:25 in the Bible, which my father, named Aaron after the Biblical Aaron, said to my sisters and I every Friday night, as we stood under his raised arms, with bowed heads. I saw an image in my mind’s eye some months ago when I was sick and sitting at my computer doing nothing. It is a yellow circle with the word “Blessed” in the middle, and it came out of “nowhere.” I reflected long about if my life was blessed or not. … Continue reading

Be Stwrong

  by Liv Boldly, Guest Alias, c 2015 I f’ed up. Last night I dumped on my kid all my frustration about her mess in the living room where she is “camping out” for six months already, or maybe for three but it seems like six. The coffee table covered with every type of make up and small, round spongey appliers with traces of liquid make-up on them, leave in conditioner and other mysterious feminine cylinders, a basket of safety pins, G-d knows what. Every chair piled with clothes, suitcases on the floor. I can’t stop, am on “a roll”. To each protest or blame she says in response to me, I keep this monotone type, zombie type pronoucement … Continue reading