by Claudia Gold, ShameIntoJoy c 2016 What do you do to get through hard or stressful times? Her laughing exuberant, round Raggedy Ann face framed by curly dancing brown hair comes to me through email: She writes inviting me to share in her circle of friends on Salt Spring Island in honor of her birthday which I remember each year though I saw her perhaps 7 years ago last on that cute island. She writes that she will share what her friends from afar wrote with her in person circle. She is the sister of an ex-boyfriend and somehow our friendship has outlasted the one with her brother. This is what I write back…We can do inner selfies focusing our … Continue reading

The Question Will You Do What You Love?

An Egyptian, Australian, Belgian. German and I (from US) sitting for hours over dinner and after dinner talking about how to learn what you love and go for it.  Over tofu (? we weren’t sure what it was – maybe mixed with eggs) with lots of rice and french fries the discussion started. I noticed some veils of  judgments I had about Germans and about Egyptians – subtle ones from cultural biases and things I’d heard in the past. “What is your favorite place or weather in nature?” Nick from Germany asked. Sherie from Australia said, “A volcano!”  I said, “A mountain with wildflowers, with a stream running through it.”  Nick from Germany said, “Thunder.” Ahmad said, “When the clouds … Continue reading