Being Blessed Is…

by Claudia Gold c Blessed with Wounds, 2015 Author’s Aside: I’ve had a bunch of blessings lately from working in a hospital with children with brain injuries so a couple of these precious moments are included amongst lighter blessings                               Being Blessed Is: Having memory – any memory, long-term, short-term, medium-term, tiny-term. Laughing and confiding in an old friend from high-school, who you liked then, and you can see why! Calling the IRS, and the representative (who identifies you as number 3867051) saying that they made a mistake, you don’t owe $15,000, they apologize for any IRS stress they caused you now or at any other … Continue reading

Ten Myths About Shame: How to Transform Them to Manifest Your Juicy, Joyful, Soulful Gifts

  By Claudia Gold, of, Creator of Living Big Tele-seminars An excerpt from an upcoming book: It’s Not Your Shame I have a painful memory of a day when I was three and my sisters and I played a game called “Freeze.” The game was played by the leader saying to freeze, and all the players had to stay in the position they were in until the leader said, “Unfreeze.” This was a childhood game similar to “Simon Says” that we played where the leader said, “Simon Says put your hands on your head,” and all the kids would put their hands on their head until the leader said, “Put your hands on your head,” and whoever did was … Continue reading