The Four Treasures: Love from Within, Being Seen and Heard by Another, Transformation in Reflection, and Gifts in Peak Experience and Dreams

by Claudia Gold c 2013 (almost 2014!)  I hope the following discussion will spark at least one discovery or “Aha” for you for the new year!  It begins in diary fashion after looking at myself in the bathroom mirror…. Falling in loving connection inside – seeing the glint in my eye as I give myself New Year’s kiss in the mirror, assuring, teasing myself, telling myself that I will make a plan for the finances which are stressful, for next month.* Living in a way that treasures the love from inside myself, the humor from within, that treasures the words from others from their hearts said to me and writes them in a book, that treasures the spiritual words I … Continue reading

What I Learned from Hugs 46 to 51: Unclogging the Psyche’s Sink With a Paint Brush! And…An Intro to Blog: A Hundred Hugs

Unlike business time clocks and holding back to look a certain way for others – dressing professionally, or formally, or semi-formally, or stylishly, depending on the occasion, or saying the proper thing, hugs have their own stories that unfold. After sharing some hug stories in the “One Hudred Hugs” blog, I will share some reflections, some of what I learned from my hug escapade. I was brought up to be quite proper, to smile and say the positive thing for the congregation, as I was a rabbi’s daughter, in fact, the daughter of the rabbi of Las Vegas.  I could only imagine the punishing I might receive if I veered from this prototype – someone else’s stencil over my colorfulness. … Continue reading

A Hundred Hugs: Honoring My Own Work to Avoid Projections on Others and Enjoy LIFE, and Re-Claim My VOICE Within IT!!!! Including to Make Impossibly Long Titles. Why Not?

Catching me from the inside and honoring this loving person who doesn’t need to be afraid, through hugs that go where they will….I continue the hug diary on hug 46 from a previous  blog called, “A Thousand Hugs”. I dare as I write, with the words I share now: Hug Diary 16 – 45 (Unrecorded) Hug 46  Stress Releasing hug. Rubbing my chest rapidly almost like petting a dog or scrubbing a stain while I make horsey noises out my mouth, and left hand is on forehead. This is a good morning, release stress hug. This is a yesterday I waged against feeling down and depressed and I don’t want to go there today hug. This is a massage outward … Continue reading