The Imperfect Family Holidays: Giving the Gifts of Your Blessed Heart

The Imperfect Family Holiday: Keeping the Faith   And Giving the Gifts of Your Blessed Heart                        Claudia Gold *This is a part of the introduction to the larger forthcoming ebook and book. More info to follow at the end. Copyright c 2013 Claudia Gold      This book is for giving you permission to celebrate the holidays imperfectly with your imperfect family, yet with joy and thanks despite any grievances and annoyances, hurts and misunderstanding of the past, even long-standing ones. This is it, our lives, this day, our day, to give it what we’ve got, and have we got resources!  We’ve got the f, a, i, t, h, we’ve got our blessed hearts, turning to God, the Inner … Continue reading

“The Gifts of Sisterhood!: The Gifts of Love!”

Indescribable.  Interviewed Erika Wilmore, Intuitive Web Genie, on her birthday, about sisterhood, and what touches her heart.  It was one of those magical moments, as I heard her answers surprising and inspiring me.  I’d studied with Leo Buscaglia, known as “the love doctor”, who had written a book called “Love”, and felt a similar type of commitment and passion in Erika. After the interview, I found myself being more generous in praising the bank teller, or more open in telling my daughter I love her. “The Gifts of Sisterhood: The Gifts of Love” audio is offered as a gift by Erika and I to share a blessing on her birthday. Here is the link:

Dating Myself

                                                                                                       copyrighted with affection Claudia Gold 2013 You’ve heard of advice given to couples to even if they have children, or especially, go on a date once a week? And it surely is to re-find connection, take time to share threads that make up the tapestry and weave some together.  I remember when I had a little one, talking to other mothers, and how it was a bit of a leap to find what to talk about with a husband we hadn’t been out with in months. This morning I was still kicking and screaming inside about what seemed the bad behavior of a friend that hurt me to the bone. I’d tried all kinds of ways to see my … Continue reading

A Thousand Hugs

                            by Claudia Gold c Heartland Press, 2013                                   I’ve been taking an ecourse with Oprah and Brene Brown, in which love is given to ourselves for a past time when we were in need.  I am in that moment now. Desiring and drinking in any expression of love. Was put down the other day, reminiscent of entitled, hostility flung at me in the past by people I’d loved and sought love so deeply from before these moments occurred. I thought a few minutes ago of my daughter, standing in the bathroom, putting on her face make-up she feels she needs so much, her big green blue hazel eyes, her … Continue reading

“Fatty, Nobody Loves You”

This is my truth: I’m a bit tired from compiling poetry all morning. I want to write something to you about how shame messages we receive, day to day, from someone else (or worse, from ourselves – beating ourselves up, calling ourselves stupid, etc…) SUCK. As recently as two days ago I received a put down, a de-valuing message from someone and it has been HARD to do the alchemy to transform it and not blame and dislike him forever! And..I am working it. So I’ll let this poem speak for itself about why the “You’re not enough” messages hurt so much, what we can do about it to feel better, to not project, and I’ll trust to share this … Continue reading

New Me: What Compassion Brought

In May of 2012, after a business seminar with gorgeous young women, I had my shame attack which led me to go to my mirror, look in my eyes, and first, slowly, awkwardly, and then with more conviction, tell myself loving, understanding words.  And then the voice within me spoke back from the mirror, and I heard various permissions, such as “You have permission to manifest your juicy, joyful, soulful gifts.” Eventually, I dared to look at shameful strands from my life, like the shame of being a head-banger and body rocker.  If you haven’t heard about those, it involves rocking back and forth against the back of a chair, or, what I did from the time I was infant, … Continue reading