My Ten Hour Vacation

For weeks I’ve been feeling, “I’ve got to get away.” I’ve been fantasizing about airports. After a job interview for a very intense social work job at a Kaiser mental health facility with locked units in Chinatown, I notice I am near the 101, I could actually keep going, and drive to Ventura – but my dog and cat need me – I  ambivalently take the 101 to Ventura, or wherever I may end up. Second guessing myself about this trip for some time while driving, I head toward nature and change I’ve been LONGING for. First I feel a bit fogged, depressed (maybe it was all that interview prep). I am almost falling asleep on the road, so I … Continue reading

Morning Rant, for Women: Why You Don’t Have to TRY to Be Confident, Assertive and Perfect

Paddling Your Canoe Under the Full Moon OR Why You Don’t Have to TRY to Be Confident, Assertive and Perfect by Claudia Gold c 2013 A life without passion is not living, it’s merely existing  Leo Buscaglia          When you find an area of service you are passionate about, you can do and be all you’ve dreamed, and use all the resources you’ve previously stretched, borrowed and begged to be yours.  The energy of that passion, that dream, that conviction will pull to you the paddles to steer that canoe where you want it to go. I woke up this morning dreaming about signing up for a canoe ride under the full moon, and, waking further, about writing about women … Continue reading

“Pearls in the Crown”: Doors, Dreams and Poems of Women for Ending Gender-Based Violence

 by Claudia Gold, M.S., M.P.H. copyright 2013 A woman’s body is “…a series of door and dreams and poems through which we can learn and know all manner of things.”           – Clarissa Pinkola Estes, Ph.D. One thing we have in common is a body. I think we can all agree on that. Though from different parts of the world we may adorn it with colorful beaded necklaces and robes, wear the latest fashion or cover in a Burka, stretch it in yoga, or shake it in dance, whether we ride on donkeys or in subways or walk miles a day, whether we wish to lose weight or are hungry for nourishment, this body serves us … Continue reading