On Accepting Ambivalence

“Ambivalence: Simultaneous and contradictory attitudes or feelings (as attraction and repulsion) toward an object, person, or action <ambivalence which is expressed in behavior by alternating obedience and rebellion.” –  G. S. Blum, Medical Definition from the Merriam-Webster On-line On-line Dictionary      I feel ambivalent about writing about ambivalence.  It is like a friend I have ignored all my life because I didn’t like her very much. She had big pimples and was at times exasperating. But recently she came to visit. I wanted to kick her out, but she told me she had brought some goodies with her.  (I don’t even want to introduce her to you, because of course, I am the only one in this universe who deals … Continue reading

Love and the Power of Boo

When I woke up this morning my black, long-hair chihuahua Taz was sleeping by me on my bed, and, of course, I decided to sing her a couple of morning songs to see if I could make her wag tail. I started with “Good Morning Starshine”, which dates me, from the musical “Hair”.  No tail wagging. Then I broke into “Morning Has Broken” by Cat Stevens. I find it very passionate.  But Taz did not. No wagging. I finally whispered into her feathery, black ear a morning prayer that I say regularly. That didn’t move her. And I have a hunch that those of us who like to read very inspiring if not humbling quotes about higher consciousness might do … Continue reading