Affirmations From A Sebastopol Apple Orchard

Ah…I lived in a huge apple orchard in Sebastopol, California, for three months while working as a traveler social worker at Santa Rosa Memorial Hospital in California. Stepping out the door, across the little porch and out into the orchard in the early morning, rows and rows as far as you could see of apple trees in blossom, all opened a little more, a little less. One day I walked into the orchard and looked, not believing: bare trees. I looked close to a tree to see if it was true. Almost all the blossoms were gone, although one section farther out retained a few blossoms on its trees. I was shocked. I recall crying. The blossoms had become like … Continue reading

“What If Shame”

Hi. This is a small ebook written out of passion the day after a good friend told me she feels shame all day long.  It is a gift to you on my 60th birthday. If shame can feel like a cloak, the days before turning 60 have been ones where I am more and more adamant that I am now wearing my sleeveless dress, not taking on the weight of cloaks on me that I wore in the past. I am falling asleep after two celebrations, and even chocolate layer cake, and now for my third: I’d promised my black long hair Chihuaua Taz we’d have our own party and sleep together tonight. I can’t wait.   “What If Shame”

Open Letter to Imperfect Families About Special Needs Family Members and the Holidays

An Open Letter to Imperfect Families About Special Needs Family Members and the Holidays by Claudia Gold copyright Claudia Gold 2012 Dear Imperfect Families, When holidays are coming your families make the sometimes stressful preparations to enjoy family and close friend companionship at family gatherings.  In addition to holiday plans, you may have daily financial and emotional, relationship and job stresses of life as well as many positives of relationships and health. You may remember with sadness family members and friends who no longer will be with you this year, and with fondness loved ones you will be seeing. Though your life may be very full with taking care of your immediate family and yourself, would you consider the following: … Continue reading