Transformative Play Preparation, From the Forthcoming, “The Imperfect Family Guide to Happy Holidays”

by Claudia Gold, copyright Claudia Gold, 2012 Too often we underestimate the power of a touch, a smile, a kind word, a listening ear, an honest compliment, or the smallest act of caring, all of which have the potential to turn a life around.                                                            – Leo Buscaglia When I was little, I played with marbles, I loved looking at the cats eyes, with turquoise and dark orange, green and light orange, and the marbles that were just pale blue – mysteriously inside.  And, sitting cross-legged, with long wavy brown hair, and one missing front tooth from a fall, I separated the marbles on the green rug into groups of five, the size of my family, into families, and had … Continue reading

Story of My Shame and Reclamation, Article Published 11/17 in “Daily Breeze” Newspaper, South Bay, Los Angeles – Link Below

Wanted to share with you some of my history with shame and joy, which I disclosed in the article below. Click here to see the on-line version on the print article, “Overcoming shame, uncovering gifts” published in the “My Turn” column in “The Daily Breeze” in Torrance, California, Sunday, November 18, 2012.     by Claudia Gold, author of forthcoming “The Imperfect Family Guide to Happy Holidays”.

“Holiday SOS”: How to Stand Tall and Radiant When Family Triggers You

This one is dedicated to you if you will see someone for the holidays who triggers you, perhaps shamed, criticized, demeaned or shushed you in the past or just doesn’t get you. It is natural to feel, approaching seeing that person(s), distress alarms, the kind animals sense and cry out about when they sense danger. The primal feelings can represent many moments of pain and/or trauma in the past. Lovely. So we can feel regressed in relation to this.  We can time travel, without even knowing it, to past patterns of feelings and behaviors when our needs were not met fully, such as needs for kindness, acceptance, for autonomy, for love. And our thoughts may start broadcasting messages like: Who … Continue reading

Ringing Out Fears, Ringing In Courage

Latest shame-shifting tip. This one is magical one, which is for children and adults. And it’s perfect for the holidays. You give a magic bell to a child, or to the child within. You can buy golden and silver ones with stars cut out of them and little strings they hang from. And you can place it in a special box or gift bag. When your child or you has a negative thought, or limiting belief, or yucky envelopment with shame, they, or you, can ring the bell (and it has a cheerful sound) to become aware. What is cool is that you ring it hard or soft, depending on your need to shake it up and have the mental … Continue reading

Shame-busting Holiday Contest

This contest entails sharing information under the categories listed below.  Share as much or little as you like (hopefully as much) in the one entry invited. The prizes are listed here and will be randomly selected. First Prize: The “How a Goddess Cuddles Shame” ebook. Second Prize: A 2 – 10 minute telephone session with you or your youngster with instruction  on using my latest, and one of the 10 most fun techniques, for shifting negative thoughts, or, perish the thought, even shaming ones OR Claudia Gold singing a “You Have Permission” song on your answering machine – with messages especially good for children and our children within. Third Prize: A print of a piece of art: Goddess Cuddling Her … Continue reading

Ecourse: This Grace is Made for You and Me: The Imperfect Family’s Guide to Creating a Loving Holiday – A Preview

     This Grace is Made for You and Me: The Imperfect Family’s Guide to Creating a Loving Holiday                                        by Claudia Gold                               copyright  Claudia Gold 2012 This is a “meal” with nine courses.  Each course is sent to you as you let me know you have digested the previous one, by email.  It has up-beat reading and helpful exercises for changing patterns in yourself and your family for the holidays, and with far reaching consequences beyond the holidays!  A powerful shame-shifting tip is shared in case of an emergency shame flare-up at home before the family gathering, in the car on the way, at the holiday table, or post-holiday at home. Some of the sessions contain reflection question and … Continue reading

Loving Yourself…Through Caregiving

Cousin Claudia’s       Loving Yourself When Caregiving Happens       by Claudia Gold, M.S., M.P.H. copyright Claudia Gold 2012 I didn’t learn this from graduating from the Columbia University School of Social Work. I didn’t learn this from working as a social worker in hospitals for 19 years, or from being a yoga teacher. So I want to tell you how I finally learned five keys to getting your needs met at medical centers. My breakthrough began when I was teaching college classes at night, and taking my lively artistic daughter to her home-schooling park days during the day.  Like everyone else I was buying groceries, washing dishes, and always wanting to get rid of clutter much … Continue reading

“Bringing this 52 Year Old Shame Out of the Closet: When I Want the Love Someone Else is Getting”

by Claudia Gold It took a bunch of courage to ask SARK about those moments when someone else is getting the love, and I am really wanting it too.  “Bringing this Ancient Shame Out of the Closet: When I Want the Love Someone Else is Getting” is an audio blog that talks about this shame I took out of the closet after having an illuminating talk with the author SARK. It is quite vulnerable, and I believe, ground-breaking. (I’m having a little trouble releasing this one…but wait, I see it’s little head coming out). Towards the end I share my understanding of best practices for bring shame out of hiding. This part alone is worth the price of paying for years … Continue reading