Soul Spinach for Expectations Gone Awry

This did not go exactly as planned… for months I wanted to do a video, finally had my friend Tim visiting to pick up a keyboard, the new camera bought on Craig’s List, the adorable Papillon dog to hold while being filmed. I had prayed and meditated that morning and was feeling confident and fantastic and unstoppable, in my full faculties and deeper and more integrated than I’d been in many weeks. As Tim filmed I felt so comfortable, I was holding the dog, and Tim was kidding with me and howling to the dog whose cute ears were perking up and I was laughing and so myself on the video. Later that night, I came back to Tim’s house … Continue reading

Shame Shifting Tip #4: Adorn Yourself for Your Nobility-Fest

Shame Shifting Tip #4:  Adorn Yourself for Your Nobility-Fest Adorn yourself with a crown, tiara, a floral garland, or wrap a gorgeous scarf around your neck, or waist, and look in the mirror, into your very eyes, and say a true spiritual quote or passage you love about your spiritual nature, your genius and/or your nobility. One of my favorite such quotes (from a mystic Imam Ali, quoted in the book “The Seven Valleys and the Four Valleys”) says, “Think thyself a puny form when within thee the universe is folded?” I recently bought my crown – it is gold with pearls at its bottom, and some orange gems as well as a bright green one.  I’ve been wearing it … Continue reading

Shame-Shield Mindfulness Meditation

 “That which you focus on, that you become.” – Yogi Bhajan             You may notice when a fog of shame is heading your way. Sophy Burnham described, so skillfully, what it can feel like being in the fog of self-criticism: “…failure, flaws, defects, I want to crush them underfoot, smash their noses in, impale their heads upon a pike and mount it on the tower wall.”   The fog can consist of guilt, where you feel awful for doing something wrong or unworthy, or shame, feeling you are flawed,  unworthy, and not deserving to belonging to just the people you want to belong to!    And how do I know this? From foggy experience!                         … Continue reading

Shame-Shifting Tip #2 Say “YES” to Your Thighs

Shame Shifting Tip #2: Say “YES” to Your Thighs Give compassion, creative attention to any part of your body which is in hiding, and feels less than and not as good as the images portrayed in advertising. You can massage the area, adorn it with a colorful scarf, paint it, or dance accentuating that part of the body, playfully. I finally did it, this morning. I painted “Yes” on each of my thighs. Left with blue, teal, and sunrise orange, and right with red, orange and yellow, YES and YES (with tempera paint). And now I’m massaging these color adorned thighs. YES. “There is no ‘supposed to be’ in bodies. The question is not size of shape or years of … Continue reading